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GuardTrack TM
Guard & Patrol Management Solution:
Makes You The Hero

A Simple System with Powerful Functionality that make your agency stay on top of business, deliver peace of mind to clients and makes security officers more accountable while keeping your clients protected.

Advanced Accountability
Automated GPS functionality, Tour Checkpoints, and long-term data collection give supervisors and managers unprecedented insight into Officer's Activity.
Advanced Productivity
When officers know they can't get away with giving less than 100%, productivity increases. Reward high achievers and handle underperformers.
Advanced Profitability
Prove your value to new and existing clients with rock-solid evidence of the quality of your services. Increase retention and close more business contracts.
How GuardTrack Improves Operations
What Can A Guard Officer Do?
Filing of Incident and Daily Activity Reports

Officers can complete instant reports from their Android or iOS devices with time-stamped photos and notes.

No need to check a hundred boxes or write a report after the fact.

Receive Tasks and Schedules

Officers stay up-to-date about important security alerts or new task assignments.

Officers can also receive PASS-DOWN from previous Shift and Write Pass-Down for next Shift.

They can access issues in real-time and keep supervisors aware of progress.

Complete Guard Tours

Get Updated POST ORDER to improve Security Protocols, Procedures and Operations.

With NFC and QR capabilities, officers can scan checkpoints right from their phone and receive specific instructions for those checkpoints.

Clock-IN and Clock-Out

Officers can Clock-In and Out from their Android or iOS devices with time-stamped and view their Attendance Statistics and Weekly Schedule Calendar.
What Can A Supervisors Do?
Security Patrols & Emergency Response

With NFC and QR capabilities, Supervisors can scan post-route-points right from their phone and receive specific instructions for those Sites.
Supervisor Initiate and Close Patrol with a branch QR-Code scan. This enables administrators to determine TOTAL PATROL TIME.
Receive Tasks and Emergency Alerts

Supervisor stay up-to-date about important security alerts or new task assignments. They can assess issues in real-time and take needed ACTIONS.
Filing of Inspection Reports

Supervisors can complete INSPECTION REPORT from their assigned Sites with GPS Cords, Time-Stamped, Photos and Notes. Supervisors can receive customized report template suiting the organizational security requirements to boost security operations.
Manage Security Site & Guards

Supervisors can MONITOR SITE Activities including Team On-Duty, Team Attendance Status and Beacon Activeness. They are informed when a SITE IS UN-GUARDED to take the needed action.
What Can Management Do?
Advanced Site Monitoring & Notification

Dont get a call saying "THE GUARDS ARE NOT HERE", have insight on every Site including Current
Team On Duty, Last Supervisor's Visit & Inspection Report and Last Guard On-Duty Tour.
Dispatch Teams in a Flash

Dispatch Patrol Teams and Schedule Relieving officers in seconds.
GuardTrack schedules and alert relieving officers as to where and when they are on duty.
Schedule officers on STANDBY for Emergencies & Rapid Response Patrol
Track Officer Performance

View ongoing guard performance metrics so you can be sure that jobs get done the right way, every time.
Get alerted the moment an officer is underperforming so you can take proper action.
Monitor Security Site Alerts In Real-Time

Handle PANIC calls more quickly, enable OFFICERS to report INCIDENTS online and get instant ALERT. Maintain constant contact with OFFICERS and SUPERVISORS of the field
to eliminate security threats quickly.
Monitor Patrol & Guard Tours in Real-Time

Xietryx Monitors all patrol and provide real-time information include over all
patrol time and site-to-site trip time live from the Dashboard

Automate Guard tours and monitor in real-time.
Identify Unscanned checkpoints and provide need assistance to
improve accountability and security

Track patrol vehicle's Current Status, Last Patrol and Last Location.

Automate Your Security Operations
Monitor Officer's On-Duty Activities

Identify high achievers to reward them for their hard work, and discover underperforming officers based on ACTIVITIES ON SITE.
Automated Communications

Officer is automatically notified on CHANGE OF SCHEDULE, no need to CALL OFFICER on DUTY SCHEDULES.
Plus, urgent incidents notifications for everyone who needs to know.
Eliminate Inefficiencies

No more redundant data entry. No more randomized post inspections. With complete visibility, you'll always know exactly where your attention needs to be. This will improve security and service delivery
Get Insight On Guard's Attendance Status

Guard Attendance Status is just a view from you.
Monitor On-Time & Late Status Of All Guards on duty.
Get actual Clock-In / Out Time and Beacon Status.
Get Officer's current On-Duty, Off-Duty and Standby Status.

All In a SNAP.

Keep Your Security Officer to the Task
Monitor Officer's Activeness

Monitor an Officer's Activeness with Interim beacons, Track last Geo Location with beacons.
Determine when a Guard is SLEEPING before an UPSET CLIENT CALL YOU.


Earn As You Push

An Officer is paid according to the Max Beacon Count.
Paymaster pays hourly wages based on Beacons.

The MORE an officer SLEEPS the LESS he Pays HIMSELF.

Increace Performance

Eliminate under performance to boost client confidentiality. No More worries of OFFICER SLEEPING at post.
An Officer performance is accessed based on several factors including BEACONS.


GuardTrack On The Go!
GuardTrack's simple automation features shorten the feedback loop and patch any holes in your operations.

With instant notifications and live monitoring, you can identify problems and solve them before they become
security-threatening issues.

With automated reporting, you can scale up your operations without increasing the size of your management team.

Ready to Put GuardTrack To The Test?
Call us now at +233 (0)20 877-7189
For a no-obligation demonstration and quote.
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