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SuperVix TM
Quick, Simple, Agile Reporting :
Centralize Information For Diligent Deliberation

Now Your Officers Can Be Mobile but Always Connected.
With an all-in-one tool to help ensure the best Performance,you will provide quality customer service.

Transforming Your Security Operations
Customized Reporting

Customize Incident, Activity and Inspection Reports to suite your organizational requirements.

Improved Reporting Systems improves information sharing for deliberate decision making on implementing the appropriate measures.

Customize Extra impormation optional information. Reports are filed via mobile device directly from the field. With this kind of flexibility, you can say goodbye to missing or inaccurate reports.

Comprehensive Incident Reporting

We believe incident reports should contain as much valuable information as possible.

Incident Report functionalities has been expanded to include more than just submitting the report, Officers can also ADD PROGRESS UPDATE from the SITE.

Once a report is filed, a Field Officer can update with EXTRA OPTIONAL DETAILS as customized by your organization to properly address the issue and also to get in-depth knowledge of the incident.

Images can be transferred from the INCIDENT SITE in real-time to office for diligent deliberation.

New Way to Report in a Complete & Comprehensive Order
Simple Report Organization

Simplicity make search and find much easier. Your Reports are simply group into Year, Month and Day to make it much easier to get to the actual document you need in seconds.

No more searching files and folders in bunch of archived documents.
Save time and human resources and improve accessibility to enhance productivity.

Quick, Simple, Agile Incident Reporting

DANGER! Is always in RED ALERT! So, be more ALERT!!! to counter any danger with aggression. Keep all new INCIDENTS in RED ALERT!. Get the TRIGGERS precisely as it is, to understand the gravity of the INCIDENT.
Get Real-Time Reports

Get Daily Activity, Incident, and Inspection Reports sent to you automatically, along with trending
information to help improve operations.

Access On-Duty Officer and Supervisor GPS Locations and Site Visit Progress in Real-Time.

Manage Incidents with due diligence

ACCESS INCIDENT REPORT, understand the issue, ASSIGN to the appropriate officer and follow
PROGRESS UPDATES in real-time.
Let officers handle incident reporting as efficiently as they handle security risks.
Request the right INFORMATION in the right ORDER

With an advanced OPTIONS and SETTINGS, you can customize your reports to request for
exactly what you need.

With SuperVix's template manager, you can easily customize our pre-set reports to suite
your specific requirements.

The form field options allows you to utilize a YES/NO checkboxs or COMMENTS
with text inputs request for the appropraite information.

Ready to Put Paperwork in the Past?
SuperVix has been proving to be your best Solution.
Call us now at +233 (0)20 877-7189
For a no-obligation demonstration and quote.
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