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Career Training
Become The security Guard Of Tomorrow NOW!

As time goes by, the security industry is changing to adapt to new Requirements and Technologies that can and will make Security Guards more Efficient and Productive.

We will help you to establish an IT Career in Security

The security guard of tomorrow
As security guards, you are charged with keeping people and property safe and preventing crime. However, there's one thing you can't stop: TIME.

This is especially true in the security industry, your Capabilities as Guard is what will make the difference.
TIME is changing and you need to generate value for yourself to maintain and develop a high standard as a
PROFESSIONAL SECURITY GUARD capable of protecting both Human ,Property and Data.

Don't be the Watch Guard anymore.

How Can This Training Benefit You?
By taking this security guard training course, participants will gain practical knowledge that allows them to immediately apply new skills and experience to their roles as security professionals.

Modern Technologies
An introduction to modern IT Technologies
( CAD, CCTV, GPS/GNSS Tracking and Maps ).
Online Communication
An introduction to Real-Time Online Communication Technologies
( Emailing , Online Reporting, Online Data Sourcing and Passdown ).
Online Community
After this training you automatically become a member of our Security Guard Online Community. Lets discourse issues affecting the industry and how uplift the image our profession as a Security Guard and many more.

Course Outline

Introduction to Data, Information and Internet Security
Introduction to CAD and CCT V Systems
Introduction GPS / GNSS Tracking and Maps Navigation
Electronic Mailing
Online Report Writing ( Incident and Activity Reports )
Online Data Collection & Passdown ( Composition )
Field Scenarios & Simulations
Examination & Certification
CV Development
An Introduction to GuardTrack
What Can A Guard Officer Do?
Filing of Incident and Daily Activity Reports

Officers can complete instant reports from their Android or iOS devices with time-stamped photos and notes.

No need to check a hundred boxes or write a report after the fact.

Receive Tasks and Schedules

Officers stay up-to-date about important security alerts or new task assignments.

Officers can also receive PASS-DOWN from previous Shift and Write Pass-Down for next Shift.

They can access issues in real-time and keep supervisors aware of progress.

Complete Guard Tours

Get Updated POST ORDER to improve Security Protocols, Procedures and Operations.

With NFC and QR capabilities, officers can scan checkpoints right from their phone and receive specific instructions for those checkpoints.

Clock-IN and Clock-Out

Officers can Clock-In and Out from their Android or iOS devices with time-stamped and view there Attendance Statistics and Weekly Schedule Calendar.

Apply Now For A Free Training?
Registeration is in Progress, Tuition is Absolutely Free!
Be Part Of This Training.
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